Don’t nuke the climate – join the statement and spread the word!

Dear activists of the climate justice movements.

While the climate crisis is becoming more and more obvious, a well-known broken promise is propagated once more: again, nuclear power is supposed to fix the misery.

As activists from climate justice and anti-nuclear movements all over Europe we know that this is utterly wrong and harmful. In order to communicate this to the outside world and in due time for the tenth anniversary of the Fukushima reactor disaster on the 11th of March, a joint statement by the European climate justice movement is being issued: “Don’t Nuke the Climate”.

The statement has been initiated by activists from the climate justice groups in several European countries. The idea is that within the European climate justice movement, as many groups as possible sign the statement. We would like to show that as a movement we will not allow ourselves to be divided. To achieve climate justice, we need a fast transition to a just and sustainable energy system based on 100 per cent renewables – and to get rid of all fossil-nuclear fuels, be it coal, oil, fossil gas or uranium.

Therefore: Please read the statement, sign it and forward it! You can sign from now until the 1st of march by simply  emailing to  (please give your group name and your country). The current list of signatories, further background information and translations of the statement can be found at: 

Shortly before the 10th anniversary of Fukushima on March 11th we would like to send the statement and an accompanying press release to the press in the various countries. On the anniversary we would like to encourage you to use your webpages and social media channels to spread the word.

There will already be a joint kick-off event at the end of January: on Thursday, January 28th, at 8:00 p.m., the statement will be presented in an online event. After an input on the nuclear debate in various European countries, there will be time for questions and exchange about how to proceed. Join us at

We are looking forward to your participation!